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Ethical Management

SK D&D fulfills its economic, legal and ethical responsibility in the course of its business conduct. As such, we consider ethical factors in making business decisions, and earn the trust of our stakeholders to evolve into a sustainable company. The Audit Part engages in ethical management operations, and the SCM Part is responsible for procurement-related aspects of ethical management including fair trade.

Ethical Management Implementation System

Code of Ethics

We stipulate the Code of Conduct to support our employees in performing their work with integrity and fairness and present specific standards for making decisions and taking action. In 2021, we extended the scope of the Code to bolster ESG management and added fair trade principles concerning competitors.

Key Details of the Code of Conduct

Chapter 1Non-discrimination
Article 12, Chapter 3Ban on employees’ pursuit of personal gain through fraud
Article 8, Chapter 3Ban on employee’s taking of bribes and/or requesting favors
Article 18, Chapter 3Fair trade and fair competition (ban on monopolizing and anti-competitive behaviors)
Articles 2 and 4, Chapter 2Compliance with confidentiality concerning corporate or customer’s confidential data and internal information
Article 3, Chapter 2Ban on unfair practices using undisclosed internal information
Articles 2 and 5, Chapter 2Development of SHE awareness
Article 2, Chapter 2Responsibility towards shareholders and customers
Chapter 3Obligation to report illegal and/or unethical practices
Article 20, Chapter 4Protection of whistleblowers in the event of illegal and unethical practices

Ethical Whistleblowing Channel

We receive whistleblowing reports for ethical issues through the channel operated at the SK Group level. This channel serves to receive reports on unethical or unfair trade practices on the part of our employees. We keep the identity of whistleblowers and their reports strictly confidential to protect them from becoming disadvantaged in any way. This channel is made more accessible by allowing anonymous reporting, and we allow such reports to be make on the website and/or over the phone.

Ethical Whistleblowing Process

Whistleblowing Reports

Whistleblowing reports442
Handling Rate100%100%100%
  • * Unit : No. of cases
Whistleblower Protection Mechanism
  • You will face no disadvantage or discrimination for whistleblowing if done with good intention.
  • If you are treated unfavorably for whistleblowing, you may turn to the ethical management department for protection or corrective action. The ethical management department will take every measure possible to minimize any disadvantage you may face.
  • Your identity and the whistleblowing report you submitted will not be disclosed against your will and will be strictly confidential.
  • Those who have cooperated with the investigation by providing their statement or necessary information during the verification process will be equally protected.
  • Even if you engaged in unethical or illegal practices, you may be exempt from punitive action on the condition you voluntarily reported your involvement in such misconduct.

Ethical Management Survey

SK D&D conducts ethical management surveys to assess and improve its ethical management performance. All employees and business partners are surveyed each year on ethical management practice levels, the culture and system, and types of unethical practices. Survey results are used as reference data for ethical management assessments, and work is underway to advance our ethical management performance through the supplementation and improvement of relevant systems.

Ethics Workshop & Awareness Improvement Activity

We operate ethical practice workshops to embed ethical awareness into our business operations and improve our ethical capabilities. Such workshops are hosted for all employees each year and employees engage in discussions across different job levels and organizations on the topic of making the right decisions when facing ethical dilemmas. Furthermore, internal e-mails on ethical management are sent on an as-needed basis to internalize ethical management, and awareness improvement activities are undertaken during the New Year’s or Korean Thanksgiving holidays to remind employees not to accept any gifts from business partners.

Ethical Management Performance

Corruptive practicesNo. of cases000
Employees dismissed or sanctioned due to corruptive practicesNo. of cases000
Business partners whose contract was terminated or not renewed due to corruptive practicesNo. of cases000
Non-compliance with regulations prohibiting anti-competitive and/or monopolistic practicesNo. of cases000

Ethics & Anti-corruption Training

We provide all employees with mandatory ethics and anti-corruption training. Our online training covers ethical management in general, concerning business ethics, the anti-graft law, and procurement contracts/regulations. In so doing, we help employees comply with ethics in their day-to-day work and disseminate a culture of ethical management.

Ethics & Anti-corruption Training

Employees subject to ethics / anti-corruption trainingNo. of employees197234254
Employees attending ethics / anti-corruption trainingNo. of employees197234254
Participation in ethics / anti-corruption training%100100100