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Safety and Health Management

SK D&D recognizes people and the environment as its top value and fully supports safety, health and environmental (SHE) management under the goal of reducing fatal injuries to zero. To elevate our SHE management, we have appointed the Chief Safety Officer (CSO) under the direct leadership of the Board and have granted the CSO the final authority and responsibility for SHE operations while creating the SHE Part as our company-wide safety organization to promote SHE management across the entire process - from designing to spatial service provisions. In 2022, we will be working to achieve the safety and health management system certification ISO 45001 to advance our SHE management, and are providing SHE training by further segmenting the curriculum according to job level to embed SHE awareness into our day-to-day operations.

SHE Management Implementation System

SHE Organization and Decision-Making System

To bolster our SHE management, we operate a dedicated SHE organization created under the Board of Directors. The CSO has the final authority and the decision-making power, and serves as the control tower for our SHE operations. The SHE Part, as the working-level organization, reports on on-site review outcome analyses and improvement cases at the SHE plan/performance reporting session (annual reporting to the Board) and regular SHE meetings (monthly), and Divisions manages SHE risks in the workplace through SHE activities, reviews and training in line with our company-wide SHE policy and goal.

Safety and Health Meetings

SHE Management Organizational Chart

SHE Activity

We have developed SHE management manuals and are implementing SHE activities in each phase of our business conduct. To prevent the occurrence of safety incidents across our development sites, field operations, and customer-leased spaces, we will establish a self-reinforcing Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to continuously upgrade our SHE operations.

SHE Roles and Action Principles by Job Level

Occupational Injury

Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR)%000
Lost time incidentsNo. of cases000
Fatality rate%000
FatalitiesNo. of cases000

Reinforcing Fire Prevention Management for Logistics Centers

To reinforce the importance of safety in product development, we apply standards developed to ensure safety and prevent fires in designing our property development projects. We follow our own independent design standards to preemptively identify safety risks in the construction and operation phases of our logistics centers that constitute our property portfolio. Furthermore, we develop emergency response manuals and perform more robust regular checks to take practical measures to prevent fires in the construction and operational phases.

Fire Prevention Management Process

Safety Risk Management and Risk Assessment

We conduct risk assessments to identify potential safety-related risk factors across our operations and prevent SHE risks. In so doing, we identify possible risks against wide-ranging internal/external factors including legal standards, manuals and corporate culture, and develop improvement measures by risk level. Hazards and risk factors identified as significant are directly verified by executive officers to establish improvement procedures and verify their implementation.

Constructor Selection and Support Activities

To fulfill our obligation and responsibility as a contractor, we develop and apply contract project management guidelines. Safety management metrics are included in the final assessments made in the constructor selection process to prevent occupational injuries in the field and disseminate a SHE culture. We also assign safety supervisors to the project site to support and oversee on-site safety activities to take the initiative in creating a SHE culture.

Safety Supervision

We assign safety supervisors to create a safe work environment and prevent fatal injuries. These supervisors perform regular/ad-hoc safety inspections (safety inspections for varying periods of vulnerability) as well as implementation reviews based on the safety and health ledger established for the concerned construction project while developing measures to assess risks and improve hazards and risk factors. For high-risk work, suspension or improvement measures are taken to systematically eliminate risks, and the safety and health council (labor-management consultative body) serves to directly collect feedback from employees to create a safe work environment.

Safety Inspection: Major Activities and Implementation Plans

InspectionPurposeInspector2022 Plan
MBWASupervised by managementCSO, SHE Part18 times
Inspection supported by the SHE PartSupport vulnerable projectsSHE Part37 times
Regular inspections by professional organizationsRegular consultingInspector consultancy57 times
Regular inspections by project managersAd-hoc inspections by each managerPE Part, project supervisorAs needed

SHE Trainings

We operate wide-ranging SHE training programs to embed SHE management into our business operations. Such training is provided differently to respective targets to establish a SHE culture. In 2021, a total of 1,121 hours of training were provided.

SHE Training Status

Emergency Response System

SK D&D established an emergency response system for fatal injuries involving people, natural disasters, and other emergencies. In the event of an emergency, an emergency entity is temporarily deployed to serve as an emergency response organization and take immediate action. In addition, half-yearly mock drills are performed under real-life scenarios to alert employees to the need to act effectively during an emergency and to bolster our incident response process to act quickly.

Emergency Response Process

SHE Management for Products and Services

We engage in a variety of activities to provide a safe environment for the residents of our Episode rental housing units. In collaboration with professional facility management companies, we perform regular checks on rental housing facilities – electricity, firefighting and machinery – and develop standard operating procedures for accidents to minimize any damage caused by unexpected accidents. We also subscribe to natural disaster insurance plans and conduct mock exercises to prepare for possible accidents so that SHE risks are kept to the absolute minimum for our customers.

Response to Covid-19

To ensure the health and safety of our employees amid COVID-19, we operate the COVID-19 situation room. In so doing, we shared the government’s COVID-19 guidelines, mandate smart work arrangements (work at home, flexible hours), and provided employees with PPE supplies when needed to minimize COVID-19 infections.

Key Activities

Care for infected employeesProvide meal kits and gift certificates for food delivery to support employees who are isolated due to a COVID-19 infection
Self-testing kitsProvide self-testing kits to help employees safely take vacations and prevent the spread of COVID-19
Vaccination leaveAllow employees to take leave on the day they are receiving a vaccination and extend this when an employee develops adverse responses from the full-fledged vaccination program
Smart workKeep the ratio of smart work arrangements at 50~70% in line with the government’s social distancing guidelines
Face masksProvide all employees with face masks to help address the shortage of such masks and proactively prevent infections