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Safety and Health Management

SK D&D recognizes people and the environment as its top value and fully supports safety, health and environmental (SHE) management under the goal of reducing fatal injuries to zero. We disclose safety and health management policies and goals on our website, establish action principles for each position to achieve missions and goals to encourage participation of all members. In 2022, a safety and health management system was established to advance safety and health management.

Safety and Health Management Promotion System

We have established safety and health management policies, action principles for each position, and mid- to long-term safety and health goals and annual goals in order to establish a safety and health environment. We are strengthening our role by linking the CSO’s KPI safety and health management goals, and preventing potential risks and creating a safe working environment through risk identification and mitigation measures. Furthermore, we are striving to enhance expertise by establishing a dedicated organization under the board of directors.

SHE Management Implementation System

Long-term SHE Roadmap

SHE Roles and Behavioral Principles by Position

Occupational Injury

Occupational InjuryThe status of occupational safety accidents is presented by dividing them into the number of employee work loss accidents, the number of employee deaths, the accident rate, and the mortality rate. From 2020 to 2022, there were no accidents or fatalities among members.
Lost time incidents for employeesNo. of cases---
Fatalities for employeesNo. of cases---
Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) for employees%---
Employee fatality rate%---
  • * No employee accidents or deaths

Safety and Health Organization and Decision-Making System

SK D&D operates a safety and health management system centered on business managers. We have strengthened execution of safety and health management by appointing a Chief Safety Officer (CSO) and establishing a company-wide safety and health organization (SHE Part). Safety and health plans and performance are reported to the board every year. In addition, we regularly hold regular SHE meetings of the headquarters and subsidiaries. We analyze the results of onsite inspections and share improvement cases to prevent industrial accidents at the headquarters and subsidiaries.

Hierarchy of Safety and Health Organization and Decision-Making System

Linkage of Safety and Health Management KPIs

KPIs and compensation systems are utilized to achieve goals and create a safety-oriented culture. We have included safety and health management goals such as prevention of major accidents, advancement of safety and health management systems, and safety management of PJT workplaces to the KPIs of the CSO in order to strengthen the role of safety and health management. We align the achievement of performance with the compensation and incentives of the CSO in order to effectively implement safety and health management.

Safety and Health Management Program Status

Safety and Health Management Program StatusSK D&D's major safety and health management programs, operation cycle, and 2022 results are presented.
Key programsOperation periodPerformance in 2022
Board of DirectorsReport & approval of annual safety and health promotion plansAnnuallyOnce
Safety and health management meetingsPromotion and status quo review of company wide safety and health goalsOnce every half-yearTwice
Regular SHE meetingsAnalysis of site inspection results and sharing of improvement casesTwice a month23 times
Regular meetings for SHE subsidiariesAnalysis of on-site inspection results of subsidiaries and sharing of improvement casesOnce a month5 times

Safety and Health Risk Management

SK D&D assesses safety risk factors for rental housing and energy operation sites. We manage potential risks that may occur at our business sites by regularly inspecting firefighting and safety facilities. In addition, we identify potential risks and establish improvement plans according to risk levels by considering various internal and external factors such as legal standards, manuals, and organizational culture. The manager directly checks, prepares improvement procedures, and confirms implementation for material hazard risk factors. Furthermore, we check the effectiveness of the evaluation as well as carrying out risk assessment of the business sites in order to manage potential risks. Based on this, we advance safety inspection activities and spare no efforts to ensure the safe and comfortable living of our residents.

Safety and Health Risk Management Process

Workplace Safety and Health Activities

Safety and Health Management System

SK D&D acquired the ISO 45001, an international standard safety and health management system in September 2022 as a business developing and selling eco-friendly energy in order to systematically fulfill responsibility for the safety and health of workers. Furthermore, we prepared safety and health management manuals, emergency response guidelines, and project management guidelines at the headquarters and business sites in order to protect the lives and bodies of employees and create a pleasant working environment. We will continue to improve the safety and health management system through efforts such as system implementation inspection according to the safety and health management manual and applying the virtuous cycle system of Plan–Do–Check–Act (PDCA).

Virtuous Cycle System of Plan-Do-Check-Act

Operation of the Safety Board

We operate the Safety Board website in order to share safety and health improvement goals and related performance to our employees for them to contribute to the internalization of safety and health. We provide the information to our employees in card news format to increase accessibility to the safety and health manuals and information related to the Serious Accident Punishment Act.

Response to Emergencies

We have established action guidelines to prepare for potential accidents at the workplace. We aim to prevent disasters through immediate responses in case of emergency by establishing emergency plans for each situation, and aim to minimize direct and indirect losses to sites and the company through protection of human life and prevention of pollution. Also, we conduct training and education once every half-year in order to sufficiently understand and prepare for emergencies in addition to establishing emergency response training plans at business sites. Furthermore, we are checking implementation of relevant activities every half-year through Leading groups.

Safety and Health Training

We establish and implement various training plans every year in order to internalize safety and health management. We provide differentiated content for each training target to form a consensus on safety management and improve the safety awareness level of employees and conduct safety and health training to manage employees’ job stress and diseases. A total of 759 hours of safety and health training was conducted in 2022 to raise employees’ awareness of safety and health management.

Safety and Health Training Status

Safety and Health Training StatusThe current status of safety and health education is presented by dividing it into training name, cycle, and time. Safety and health training is divided into all employees, executives, SHE positions, and chief safety officers.
CategoryTraining nameFrequencyTime
All employeesSHE Mind Cultivation TrainingOnce every half-year4H
LeadersSHE trend analysis and response to Serious Accident Punishment ActOnce every half-year4H
Those in SHE-related positionsUnderstanding the roles of SHE-leaders and the safety management systemOnce every half-year4H
CSOSafety and health management systemOnce every quarter4H

Supply Chain Safety and Health Activities

Enhancement of Supply Chain Safety

A total of 7 on-going project safety supervisors were placed for the first time in the industry from January 2022 in order to create a safe workplace environment and prevent major accidents, strengthening management supervision. Also, we improved the project contract process, applying criteria for selecting qualified project contractors and providing technical guidance for disaster prevention. We conduct quarterly safety competency assessments to dissolve risk factors and identify the level of safety management at each site to evaluate suppliers’ safety competency. In case of deficient sites, corrective actions are shared with the business site, and the results of major safety inspections including safety and health management policies, goal setting, and risk assessment are reflected in future.

Establishment of Supply Chain Safety Management System

Making Safer Spaces and Strengthening Management Level

We have established and applied project management guidelines in order to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the ordering body. In addition, we apply evaluation criteria by size at the bidding stage in order to evaluate the ability to implement major disaster prevention and execute safety and health activities. We prevent industrial accidents at our on-going sites and mitigate safety and health risks during construction in advance by selecting a company satisfying the preliminary processes.

Evaluation Criteria by Size

Regular Evaluation of Safety Competency

Quarterly safety inspections of subcontractors is conducted by the department in charge of safety and health as an ordering body to remove harmful risk factors and identifying the level of safety management by site. Corrective measures are shared with insufficient business sites, and major safety inspection results are reflected in future inspection plans, such as safety and health management policy/goal establishment and risk assessment throughout this process.

Regular Evaluation Results for 2022

SHE Award System

SK D&D has established and is operating guidelines for SHE award and disciplinary management to reward organizations and employees for excellent performance, assign clear responsibilities for fulfilling SHE standards, and establish a culture complying with SHE standards and procedures. We aim to motivate our employees to achieve safety and health performance and establish a culture complying with SHE standards and procedures.

Details in SHE Award System

On-site Safety Support

Establishment of Safety and Health Management Manual

Standards and procedures for safety and health management have been stipulated, establishing a manual to prevent industrial accidents in the workplace by reflecting the Act on the Punishment of Serious Accidents and the Industrial Safety and Health Act. The manual consists of safety and health policy, safety and health management system, risk assessment, safety and health competency of contractors, and eligibility evaluation indicators. We are striving to prevent industrial accidents and ensure the safety of workers based on the safety and health management manual by identifying the laws and standards applicable to the headquarters and workplaces, seamlessly operating the safety and health management system based on principles and procedures.

Major Contents of Safety and Health Management Manual

Hazardous Work Types/Pre-monitoring System for Work

Regular Assessment Results for 2022

Regular Assessment Results for 2022The results of the 2022 periodic evaluation are presented by dividing them into inspection name, purpose, inspector, and number of times per year.
Inspection namePurposeInspectorTimes (per year)
MBWAManagement safety inspection, on-site grievance handlingCSO60
SHE Part support inspectionSafety supervision training supporting risk preventionEmployees related to SHE Part107
Regular inspections by specialized organizationsRegular consultingInspection consulting agency (external)25
Regular inspections by project managersFrequent inspection of hazardous constructionsSupervision company in charge of projectsFrequently

Operation of Grievance Handling Channel for Supply Chain Safety and Health

Safety supervisors are assigned to each site voluntarily by SK D&D to inspect site safety and improve/supervise nonconformities. A communication channel is operated through safety supervision at each site frequently in order to collect opinions from the field, and quarterly safety supervision meetings are held to handle grievances, collect opinions, and share best practices with each site and business partners.

Grievance handling channel – Safety Supervision Meeting

This is a picture of the site where a safety superintendent meeting is being held as part of the grievance handling channel.

* Held quarterly from the second half of 2022

Provision of Safe Space Service

Safety Risk Management at Operating business sites

We carry out various activities to improve the safety and health of residents of our rental housing (Episode). Regular inspections of rental housing facilities, electrical equipment, firefighting facilities, and mechanical devices are carried out in collaboration with specialized FM companies, and damage from unexpected accidents are minimized by establishing standard accident procedures. Furthermore, we are sparing no effort in minimizing safety and health risks for customers by subscribing to insurance against natural disasters and conducting mock drills to prepare for unexpected accidents.