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Our ESG Approach

CEO Message

SK D&D CEO Kim Do-hyun

I would like to thank our respected stakeholders for their unwavering interest and support for SK D&D.

SK D&D has continued its steady growth since its foundation in 2004, cementing its position as the most outstanding real estate and energy company in Korea. In 2022, the global economy suffered from a sharper growth slowdown and turmoil than expected. In the midst of such crisis and external uncertainties, we prioritized the transformation and expansion of our business model for sustainable growth by forming relationships with various business partners in order to become a future-oriented solution and platform company. Furthermore, we are continuing our efforts to strengthen and internalize the ESG management system. We would like to share our activities and achievements in creating economic, environmental, and social values with our stakeholders through the 2022 SK D&D Sustainability Report.

As the world faces climate change and environmental pollution, the world is firmly committed to responding to climate change. The Korean government also declared carbon neutrality in 2020, expressing its determination to respond to climate change to the international community, becoming the 14th country to legislate the vision for 2050 Carbon Neutrality. SK D&D is also responding promptly and keenly to climate change trends in space development and eco-friendly energy. We have established mid- to long-term strategies and implementation roadmap to Net Zero carbon emission, and are practicing systematic environmental management by acquiring environmental management system certification. In the future, we will continue to spare no effort in taking a leap forward as a leading company in the eco-friendly market by striving for transition to clean energy through green remodeling and digital transition, and new and renewable energy development and solutions.

Based on SK’s management philosophy, SK D&D is focused on simultaneous pursuit of economic and social values across all business activities, away from the existing form of only pursuing economic profit. To this end, we are pursuing fair transaction and win-win management with business partners for the happiness of stakeholders. In addition, we are advancing our health and safety management system by acquiring safety and health management system certification in 2022. Furthermore, our employees are pursuing common values with pride as well as growing together by promoting mutual development under the slogan ‘warm-hearted professionals’. We will continue to care for and grow with local communities rather than simply pursuing short-term profits of the company based on competent members and a healthy organizational culture.

SK D&D practices management centered on its board of directors by securing independence, expertise, and transparency of the board, striving to fulfill its legal and ethical responsibilities in all corporate management activities. Furthermore, we are systematically managing financial and non-financial risks affecting corporate management activities to promote stable growth.

2023 is expected to be the most difficult year for the global economy. Multiple factors such as the exacerbating international political situation and cutting-edge technology issues regarding semiconductors and supply chains are threatening the global economy. Although the world is experiencing stagnant times, opportunities to look forward to the future will begin for SK D&D, which has achieved rapid growth based on a high-performance organization. We will continue to pay keen attention to create social values and sustainability as well as economic values, and will sincerely pursue the happiness for the company, the society, our customers and shareholders and employees. We ask for continued interest and encouragement from our stakeholders.

Chief Executive Officer SK D&D
Do-hyun Kim
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