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Our ESG Approach

Materiality Assessments

SK D&D has performed the materiality assessment in accordance with the global sustainability reporting guidelines of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards to identify the impact of its business operations on the environment, society, and economy throughout the entire value chain. We created a topic pool by understanding our impact on the overall value chain based on internal data, international standards, benchmarking, and media analyses, and surveyed our stakeholders. We then comprehensively reviewed the results of standard analyses, benchmarking, media analyses and surveys from the aspects of risk impact and risk likelihood to arrive at five material topics.

Materiality Assessment

Material Assessment Matrix

Topic Pool

RankSustainability Topic Pool
1Bolster on-site health and safety management
2Respond to climate change through energy saving
3Advance the risk management system
4Talent recruitment and employees’ growth
5Establish a sustainable supply chain
6Secure new growth drivers
7Compliance, ethical management
8Community engagement and CSR
9Human rights, diversity and inclusion
10Diversify renewable energy business
11Customer satisfaction management
12Information security
13Waste Management
14Diversify stakeholder communications
15Manage water resources
16Employee happiness
17Fair transactions and shared growth
18Board-driven management
19Protect biodiversity