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Our ESG Approach

Risk Management

To systematically manage the financial and non-financial risks that affect our business operations and ensure our stable growth, we have defined sector-specific responsible departments, established a decision-making system, and engage in continuous monitoring. The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system enables us to identify risks in consideration of business areas, market conditions, and stakeholder characteristics, and we set our risk appetite and manage risks across the board accordingly. Furthermore, we manage project-specific investment risks to prevent risks before they ever occur in the initial business and operational phases. The ESG Part serves to identify environmental and social risks and develop preemptive responses to broaden our understanding of and response to risks.

Risk Management Implementation System

Investment Risk Management

We operate a separate investment risk management process to identify projects with exceptional business potential and secure preemptive response capabilities. This process applies to the phases of winning project contracts and making investments. In-depth reviews are made on major projects through the investment screening committee to assess for their business potential and their financial and non-financial risks. The committee selects projects that hold high business potential and pose little risk, and large-scale projects or higher-risk projects are subject to the final review and approval of the Board prior to the execution of the decision.

Investment Risk Management Process