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Customer Satisfaction Management

SK D&D pursues innovation of customer value by providing residential space, office space, and living solutions reflecting customer needs. Furthermore, we are striving to create environmental and social values and to create and spread ESG ecosystem. We are also enhancing the quality of life for customers by providing AI and data-based space services (space-as-a-service) in line with the rapidly digitalized society. We are also improving customer satisfaction by operating VOC channels to resolve customer inconvenience and identify their needs.

Customer Satisfaction Management Promotion System

SK D&D is taking the lead in innovating customer value with the goal of ‘creating customer value through differentiated space experience and living solutions.’ We categorize four types of customer satisfaction management of product, price, process, and customer value aligned with business, setting promotion directions for each topic. We will improve customer value through differentiated services from the perspective customers, sparing no efforts for customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Management Implementation System

Customer Value Innovation Activities

Voice of Customers

We are operating a channel to communicate with customers (VOC, Voice of Customers). Managers respond in real time to take immediate measures for complaints filed by residents on the Episode app. Also, received opinions and complaints are reflected in future activity plans to provide optimized customer services.

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

We evaluate customer satisfaction every year to improve customer satisfaction. We conduct satisfaction surveys to derive fundamental solutions to possible improvements. This enables us to identify customer needs to improve service quality and develop/apply operation programs to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Improvement Process

Episode Community Programs

Episode provides not only the basic values that a space must provide, but also services and programs that will bring peace and harmony with neighbors in daily life. We hope to provide a variety of living and cultural spaces for city-dwellers beyond just a house to stay, providing a variety of environments and solving housing problems.

As one of the episodic community programs, the TEDxSeoul book club lecture is being held in the episode sinchon.

Episode Community Program Operations

Episode Community Program OperationsEpisodic community program environment. It is divided into health improvement programs, social value creation programs, and life programs.
Environment & health improvement programsPrograms creating social valueLiving programs
  • Programs that take care of both the health of residents and the environment: Plogging, vegan cooking, plant gardening program and local food market
  • Flea markets linked to local small businesses (MUJI & 16 local shops X Episode)
  • Home furnishing pop-up exhibition (IKEA and Episode)
  • One-day classes linked to local flower shops or affiliated programs
  • Providing creative workspace for artists and holding exhibitions (Artist in Episode, Jo Hyun-Seo x Episode)
  • Aesthetic value provision program for residents
  • TEDx programs

Establishment of WCM Global Network

Worldwide Coliving Membership(WCM) is an international private organization organized by SK D&D Episode to develop housing culture based on exchanges between co-living brands and companies around the world. Seven companies from the UK, Spain, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia have joined as members, and the network is making various efforts to provide tenants with crossborder exchanges and special mutual benefits through joint community programs.

WCM Global Network

Expansion of Future-Oriented Housing Culture

Live Better Program at Episode

We aim to expand the ESG ecosystem for the local community and residents to create environmental and social values beyond mere living space. We are operating programs aimed at improving the environment and health of residents, collaboration programs with small businesses, and diversified cultural programs. In particular, in 2022, we hosted Eppie Night to form a special bond with residents, which was our first footstep in forming an ecosystem. We hope to build and operate a system for win-win relationship with local community and other stakeholders around Episode.

As one of the episode Live Better programs, we held an Eppie Night to create a consensus among residents.

DT Living Solution

We provide differentiated experience by building a mobile-based housing service platform for tenants. We also provide a variety of housing services such as space reservation, room cleaning service, IoT service1), housing complaint handling, security management and participation in community programs through our self-developed Episode 2.0 mobile app. We will be affiliating with small businesses from the local community to expand our services from residents to nonresidents, securing diversity and differentiation of services.

*IoT (Internet of Things) service: A service in which a cell phone app could be used to control various home appliances

Connectfy Cloud, a joint venture formed by SK D&D and Yanolja Cloud

Sustainable Design

We consider environmental and social values from spatial design to construction in order to provide sustainable spaces and services. We utilize eco-friendly certified materials in the building development stage and apply eco-friendly technologies to minimize environmental impact. We are further strengthening our environmental competitiveness by securing reliability through external certifications and awards. Furthermore, we have created shared spaces such as kitchens, living rooms and lounges and have installed eco-friendly furniture and fixtures to provide an environmentally and socially friendly residential experience.

Sustainable Design and Performance

Design & Experience Awards

Episode, SK D&D’s rental housing brand, realizes the residential philosophy of ‘living space, valuing individual life, a small society, and connecting value’. Episode provides a variety of residential environments from the users’ perspectives, striving to spread the ESG ecosystem. Furthermore, we are leading a unique residential culture reflecting the population, region, and social culture by utilizing the distinctive characteristics of each community space. As a result, Episode won numerous awards in recognition of its design and experiences in 2022.

Episode Major Awards