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Customer Satisfaction Management

SK D&D provides residential and office spaces as well as living solutions that cater to customer needs to pursue innovation for customer value, and engage in continuous communication to build long-term trust-based relationships and elevate our sustainability with our customers. As COVID-19 boosted the need for non-face-to-face services and accelerated digitalization, we aim to provide space-as-a-service enabled by AI and data to elevate the value of virtual services to new heights. In addition, we will bolster our product development and service offerings that deliver greater ESG value in line with consumer needs that pursue an environmentally and socially sustainable life, joining hands with customers in creating ESG value.

Customer Satisfaction Management Implementation System

Customer Satisfaction Survey

SK D&D conducts annual customer satisfaction surveys to deliver innovative customer value. Survey scores are reflected in our KPIs to ensure that practical improvements are made on issues in need of such improvements. As such, we improve customer satisfaction through our quantitative management system.

Customer Satisfaction Improvement Process

Customer Value Innovation Activity

ESG-based Customer Value Innovation

We consider environmental and social value in our space design and construction work to deliver sustainable spaces and services to our customers. We choose eco-certified materials from the building development phase, adopt eco-friendly technology to minimize the environmental footprint of our buildings, and achieve third-party certifications to boost our environmental competitive edge. To provide an environmentally/socially-friendly residential experience, we place furniture and supplies made from environmentally preferred materials in common-use areas while implementing ESG programs along with our customers. This helps us blaze the trail in creating a sustainable, ESG-conscious lifestyle alongside our residents.

Create Environmental and Social Value

Facilitate an ESG-minded Culture of Living

Customer Data Privacy

SK D&D complies with data privacy regulations stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws and regulations. In processing personal data, we verify to ensure that it is not used, disclosed, or shared for purposes other than the intended purpose to safeguard such personal data from misuse or unethical involvement. To protect customers’ personal data and their privacy and prevent data breaches, we provide regular training to our employees responsible for handling such data to raise their awareness on customer data privacy. We also perform regular system inspections in line with SK Group’s security guidelines, and analyze identified vulnerabilities to develop countermeasures for the purpose of prevention.

VOC (Voice of Customers)

We receive real-time inquiries through the Episode app and hire permanently-based managers to take immediate action to address grievances raised by residents in relation to the residential services that we provide. The opinions and grievances collected through the Episode app are used to improve and provide the best-possible customer service.

DT-enabled Residential Service Innovation

We are building a mobile-based residential service platform so that we can offer our residents a differentiated experience. In 2021, we independently developed the Episode 2.0 mobile app to improve the accessibility of our residential facilities, living services and community activities, which also served to improve our customer convenience accordingly. We plan to extend the scope of our services from residents to non-residents by launching services in partnership with small business owners in local communities. This will truly serve to set us apart in delivering diversified and unsurpassed residential services.