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Human Rights Management

Human Rights Risk Management

We have established a human rights due diligence system in accordance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct in order to respect and protect the human rights of employees and stakeholders, identifying human rights risks to understand the level of our human rights management. We classify vulnerable groups such as the disabled, the elderly, non-regular workers, and women in evaluating human rights risks. In addition, mid- to long-term improvement directions for human rights protection have been set, and overall human rights status is reviewed by the board of directors. We plan to take the lead in human rights management by preventing human rights violations in business operations and reducing related risks.

Roadmap for Human Rights Impact Assessment

Process to Advance Human Rights Management System

Results of Human Rights Impact Assessment

Results of Human Rights Impact AssessmentThe results of the human rights impact assessment conducted for the members of the head office and its subsidiaries are presented by dividing them into identifying human rights impacts and establishing countermeasures.
Assessment subjectIdentification of human rights impactEstablishment of responses
Employees at the headquarters, employees at subsidiariesIdentification of 54 human rights issues from 8 categoriesEstablishment of 56 preventative measures on 24 human rights issues

SK D&D’s Human Rights Policy Declaration

Human Rights Training Program

We conduct human rights training to internalize the human rights management culture and prevent human rights risks. We increased the effectiveness of training through various media such as human rights campaigns and company-wide messages, and raised employee awareness through legally compulsory workplace harassment prevention training, sexual harassment prevention training, and disability awareness improvement training in 2022. Furthermore, we operate programs related to human rights management in order to create a culture of human rights respect for all stakeholders.

Human Rights Training Program Status

Human Rights Training Program StatusThe current status of human rights education in 2022 is presented by dividing it into the number of hours of completion outside of statutory compulsory education, the number of students attending statutory compulsory education, the number of hours of completion of statutory compulsory education, and the completion rate of non-statutory compulsory education.
Non-legally mandatory training hoursPersons receiving legally mandatory trainingCompleted hours of legally mandatory trainingCompletion rate of legally mandatory training
11,028 hours240 persons480 hours93%

Grievance Handling

We operate procedures to protect those affected by human rights violations and provide remedies to prevent human rights violations. The Grievance Committee, upon receiving grievances, initiates investigations under the principles of confidentiality and protection of the victim. Third-party experts are appointed when deemed necessary to ensure fairness in handling such grievances and to help identify factual grounds. Investigation results are managed by responsible executives. In the event that deliberations are required to determine disciplinary action, disciplinary management procedures are implemented through the HR Committee, and consultations are made to protect the victims while additional measures are taken to prevent reoccurrence of issues. Risks related to human rights are specified in the ESG Committee regulations and reviewed by the committee, and records of grievance handling are shared by the Management Development Council every quarter.

Grievance Handling Process

Grievance Handling and Communication Channels

Grievance Handling and Communication ChannelsFrom 2020 to 2022, the grievance handling receipt and processing details are presented by dividing them into non-management reports such as irregularities and complaints to subcontractors, and the processing ratio.
Wrongful acts against subcontractorsNo. of cases----11
Others (non-management reports such as complaints)No. of cases446677
Processing rate%100%100%100%