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Social Contribution

SK D&D promotes a social contribution business model innovation of growing both social and economic values aligning with SK’s sustainable growth methodology Double Bottom Line (DBL). In order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, social issues that are closely related to our business are identified, and we strive for effective social contribution activities in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders. With the ESG Committee’s approval of the results and plans of social contribution activities every year, we are expanding our determination and practice of social contribution by carrying out sincere activities, increasing the amount of social contribution and encouraging employee participation.

Social Contribution System

SK D&D is carrying out systematic activities by establishing a social contribution roadmap under the vision of ‘sharing happiness to resolve social issues’. Under the themes of ‘helping the underprivileged’, ‘health’, and ‘green, we are carrying out specialized social contribution activities. We continuously contemplate and develop operations regarding our visions, social environment, and local needs through regular monitoring. As a result, we are contributing to sustainable development goals of the global community through specialized contribution activities of SK D&D.

Social Contribution Promotion System

Social Contribution

Social ContributionSocial contribution activities from 2020 to 2022 are presented by dividing them into the amount of social contribution investment, the total amount of donations, the number of people participating in social contribution activities, and the proportion of workplaces that carry out community participation activities.
Total CSR investmentKRW million1311,111793.6
Total amount of donationKRW million131641.9685.9
Number of persons participating in CSR activitiesNo. of persons30177215
Percentage of workplaces that engage in community engagement activities%100%100%100%

SCR & Local Community Participation Roadmap

Green (Environment)

Green Remodeling

On May 1st, 2022, a business agreement was signed with Habitat, a non-profit organization in Korea specializing in housing welfare to improve the residential environment for the vulnerable. From 2021, we found group homes* for children and teenagers in Seongnam-si, with Habitat, remodeling them into eco-friendly residential facilities using BIM (Building Information Modeling) and building energy efficiency rating programs. We plan to continue the project in the future by considering the impact and performance. We will establish ourselves as a company fulfilling our social responsibilities to our employees, partners, and local communities through sustainable value creation.

* Home-style childcare facilities protecting children and teens from abuse, neglect, and family breakup

Lighting Children

In commemoration of ‘Earth Day’, we conducted Lighting Children campaign in cooperation with Miral Welfare Foundation. This campaign is an eco-friendly energy sharing campaign providing solar-powered lanterns to resolve issues in countries suffering from energy poverty. We delivered portable solar-powered lanterns to countries suffering from energy poverty, hoping to make changes through energy and give hope to children. We will continue the campaign to raise awareness of energy issues, laying the foundation for sustainable development.

D&D Plogging Challenge

We conducted a plogging challenge to collect garbage on the streets while taking a walk or jogging(Plogging Challenge) in order to internalize ESG by promoting communication among members and raising their awareness of the environment. SK D&D’s plogging challenge is a part of ABCD Project to pursue happiness and sustainable growth of our employees and the company, and even the city and the society. Plogging kits were provided to individuals and groups (Divisions, parts and clubs), and all employees shared reviews of the experience. The plogging kits were made with upcycled materials, such as leftover pieces of cloth for outdoor clothing, and included a biodegradable bag, demonstrating our determination and meaning for eco-friendliness.

Health of the Body and Mind

The Platon Academy

The Platon Academy aims to raise civic awareness through providing humanities lectures to the public. We donate to Platon Academy, a humanities support foundation, to enhance the values in humanities and promote and spread research in humanities. The donations are used to support universities’ research activitis in areas of humanities, online scholarship projects, and cultural support projects.

Blood Donation Campaign

We conducted a blood donation campaign to resolve the blood shortage caused by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. We conducted SK Relay Blood Donation Campaign with Bloodnet, an organization dedicated to national blood projects, donating money to vulnerable children and teenagers suffering from blood cancer by accumulating donations and donating in the name of participating employees. Furthermore, an agreement ceremony was held with Bloodnet to make positive impact through continuous participation.


We established a business plan for Jigwanseoga, which is a humanities book cafe, in 2022 to repay major local communities near the areas of our real estate and renewable energy business. Jigwanseoga, collaboration piece with local government, is a book cafe built in idle spaces and culturally marginalized areas. The cafe aims to bring happiness and healthier lifestyle to local citizens through humanities programs and communities. Starting with the construction in Uljin in 2023, we plan to expand our unique spaces around our business sites.

Artist in Episode

Artist in Episode was launched in 2022 to realize the potential of emerging artists and support social circulation of art and exchange with local communities. We provided Episode Sinchon 369 to enable artists to focus on their artistic work and showcased their artworks through online and offline exhibitions. Episode will continue to serve as a cultural platform to help the growth of artists and revitalize local culture.

Helping Underprivileged

Hope Makers 2.0

As our flagship CSR program, Hope Makers 2.0 aims to assist less-privileged children and teens to help them grow as members of the society. We are collaborating with Hansol Social Welfare Center to provide regular donations and mentoring programs. We contributed to their career development and helped their learning through mentoring. The satisfaction level of participating teenagers was high with a score of 4.75 points out of 5. We are contributing to social inclusion and resolving polarization of economically, socially, and physically marginalized children and teens by providing learning and emotional support as well as career development activities.

Support for Forest Fire Victims

SK D&D donated KRW 100 million through the Gyeongbuk Social Welfare Community Chest in March 2022 to help recover damage from a large-scale forest fire in Uljin, Gyeongsangbuk-do. To fulfill our responsibility as a member of the local community with our Uljin Hyeonjong Mountain Wind Power Plant (53.4MW) located at Giseongmyeon and Maehwa-myeon areas of Uljin-gun, donating to help suffering residents in the area. The donation was used for daily necessities and medicines for forest fire recovery in Uljin. In addition, we provided towels and other items to the National Sports Center at Uljin.

Support for Tenants Experiencing Flood Damage

We provided support and recovery for tenants at Seocho 393 impacted by flood in Gangnam and Seocho areas in August 2022. We identified the damage of the flood and affected tenants and provided products purchased from Episode’s commercial facilities. We also provided assistance to both general households and households with pets. We comforted residents suffering from disasters and practiced social contribution to the local community at the same time, becoming a standard for crisis management measures for residential business brands.

Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

A donation of roughly KRW 50 million was delivered as humanitarian aid to the nation and people of Ukraine through the Ukraine Embassy in Korea for purchase of medicines. were delivered as humanitarian aid to the nation and people of Ukraine through the Ukrainian Embassy in Korea. We provided fundamental support for Ukrainians to dream of hope even in devastating times. We will continue to create social values through social contributions across the globe as a member of the international community.