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Social Contribution

Under the vision of ‘sharing happiness to resolve social issues’, SK D&D implements CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities that revolve around the three themes of ‘Helping the Underprivileged, Health, and Green’, and aligns them with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to contribute to the global community’s efforts to attain these goals. We identify social issues closely related to our business to deem our CSR activities more effective, and build partnerships with internal/external stakeholders to do our part in fulfilling corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, our CSR outcomes and plans are approved by the ESG Committee under the Board of Directors each year to undertake CSR activities that truly serve the interest of our communities.

CSR System

Total CSR Expenditures and No. of Participants

Total CSR ExpendituresKRW million8.3131.0641.9
No. of participantsNo. of persons14030177

CSR Program - Helping underprivileged

Hope Makers 2.0

As our flagship CSR program, Hope Makers aims to narrow the social divide by assisting less-privileged children and teens in becoming responsible members of society. Since we signed an MOU with the ‘Hansol Social Welfare Center’ in Seongnam in 2021, we have provided economic and emotional support to socially underprivileged groups. This includes financial sponsorships, holiday gifts, and Hope Kits (winter supplies). The funds from which we operate these initiatives are raised through company-matched employee donations, which creates a sense of mutual pride and incentive to sustain such efforts.

Reduced Lease/Sublease Fees

As the government tightened social distancing regulations and as outdoor activities decreased amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, small establishments operated by individuals and small business owners suffered immensely. This prompted us to temporarily reduce lease/sublease fees for tenants financially affected by this global pandemic. We identified directly-affected industries, and offered a 50% reduction of lease/sublease fees for six months to share the burden of addressing this national and social challenge with business partners, promoting win-win partnerships in the process.

Creating Educational and Welfare Facilities for People with Disabilities

We signed a CSR agreement with the Youngdeungpo-gu Office to build an educational welfare facility at the site of our knowledge industry center located in Dangsan-dong. This seven-story building to be constructed under this contributed acceptance agreement will house social welfare facilities and a library for community members and people with disabilities. Through spatial remodeling spanning the interiors, ICT solutions, and furniture, we will ensure the quality completion of this facility.

CSR Program - Health

Building a Social Safety Net for Fire Safety and Health

SK D&D remains committed to building a social safety net in the fire safety and health sectors, which are closely related with property development. To prevent disasters caused from lack of fire safety, we donated KRW 70 million to the Korea Firefighting Welfare Foundation, which will go to improve the treatment for firefighters, support for the families of firefighters who lost their lives or were injured, and use media to increase public awareness.

Liberal Arts Advancement and Dissemination

We promote the development of liberal arts to nurture researchers and future leaders in this critical discipline. We sponsor the academy established as a literature support foundation for the study and dissemination of liberal arts. The donations we make go to support liberal arts research activities at universities, online liberal arts scholarships, and cultural support projects. By reinforcing the foundation of liberal arts, we take the lead in creating thriving community involvement, disseminating the value of liberal arts, and more fully fulfilling our social responsibility.

Blood Donation Campaign

We launched a blood donation campaign to contribute to resolving the nationwide shortage of blood caused by the prolonged COVID-19. Backed by employees’ voluntary participation, we teamed up with the Hanmaeum Blood Center that undertakes national blood projects for this campaign, and made a set amount of donations for every employee who joined the campaign. The funds raised as such went to underprivileged children and teens suffering blood cancer to disseminate ‘good-hearted influence’ across society.

CSR Program - Green

Green Remodeling

SK D&D engages in the eco-friendly remodeling of public residential facilities occupied by underprivileged groups to improve the environmental performance of buildings that are directly associated with its business and to respond to global climate change. In 2021, we partnered with Habitat Korea to select old residential facilities that house children from low-income families and improved their energy efficiency through insulation installation and window replacements.

Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign

We participate in the MINTIT project designed to donate end-of-life mobile phones. Launched by SK Group as a recycling campaign, this project collects end-of-life mobile phones, extracts the key resources, and recycles these materials. All the proceeds generated go to support underprivileged children. Participants in this project are given a set amount of rewards, which serves to improve their environmental awareness.

Online Eco-Market

As part of our CSR program voluntarily led by employees, we opened an online Danggeum Market. Unused personal items were put up for auction and were shared as such to improve awareness on the importance of recycling and disseminate an eco-friendly mindset. All the proceeds generated were donated to support the livelihood of underprivileged children and the welfare of children and seniors in local communities. We plan to develop appropriate support measures for the ESG programs led by employees and expand our corporate support accordingly.

Local Community Contribution

We provided donations to people in communities that were affected by natural disasters stemming from climate change. In 2021, we made financial and in-kind donations to people who suffered from the typhoons Omais and Mitag that hit Pohang and Uljin, while supporting prompt damage recovery. Going forward, we will engage in wide-ranging support to ensure that people from local communities can count on stability in their lives even in the wake of large-scale disasters.