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Awards and Memberships in Associations

Co-living Housing Brand Episode design awards

Our Co-living housing brand, ‘Episode’ embodies our commitment in realizing SK D&D’s conceptual definition of ‘living spaces, the value of the individual, a microcosm of society, and connecting value’. As Korea’s largest co-living brand, Episode goes beyond supplier-driven space design to deliver a wide variety of residential experiences from the user perspective.

Each Episode location is distinguished by the unique attributes of its community: for example, in Gangnam which is characterized by modern corporate skyscrapers and young professionals, we created spaces with features promoting a work-life balance, and in Seongsu, known for its individual flair and style, we created community lounges reflecting the latest trends. As such, we are promoting a highly unique lifestyle that takes the demographics, geography and socio-culture of the setting into account. Such efforts were publicly recognized as Episode was proudly honored at the iF Design Award 2021 and the Global Design Awards 2021.

Co-living Housing Brand Episode design awardsThe episode shows the award and category names that the episode won.
2021 Coliving AwardBest Coliving Operator
2021 Global Design AwardsSpecial Mention in the Brand Identity category
2021 A ‘Design Awards & Competition’Bronze Medal in the Graphic Communication category
2021 Serviced Apartment AwardsBest Coliving Development
2021/2022 Mercury AwardsHonors in the Design Culture/Life Style category
German Design Award Special 2021Brand Identity Special Mention
2022 Reddot Design AwardSpatial Communication - Interior Design (Winner)

KCGS ESG Ratings

2022 KCGS Integrated Evaluation
As a result of the 2022 KCGS integrated evaluation, it received an A grade. The evaluation is conducted in the areas of Environmental, Social, and Governance governance, and the evaluation results from 2019 to 2022 are as follows. 2019 Environment C, Society B, Governance B+, 2020 Environment C, Society B, Governance B+, 2021 Environment A, Society A+, Governance A, 2022 Environment A, Society A, Governance A.
With high transparency and expertise, the Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS) has been conducting corporate governance assessments since 2003. In 2011, KCGS began assessing ESG management to evaluate sustainability levels of listed companies in South Korea. Its ESG evaluation model not only conforms to international standards such as OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and ISO26000, but also faithfully reflects the domestic legal system and management environment.

MSCI Ratings

2023 MSCI ESG Ratings
The MSCI ESG rating for 2023 is BBB. The MSCI ESG ratings for each year are 2020 B, 2021 B, 2022 BBB, and 2023 BBB. BBB is higher than B, and the rating has increased in 2023 compared to 2020.
Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) has been providing ESG measurements since 1999. It rates on a seven-point scale, from AAA to CCC, by evaluating 35 ESG Key Issues covered by 10 themes of the three ESG pillars. The corporate governance theme tends to carry greater weight in the ESG rating model. Ratings are scored by overall company performance along with individual ratings for each ESG pillar.

Certification for Taking Initiatives

TCFD | Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
In 2017, the TCFD issued recommendations to ensure transparent disclosures of the actual and potential impact of climate-related risks and opportunities on the financial performance of companies. As of 2022, the TCFD is supported by more than 3,400 companies and financial institutions in 95 countries and considered the standard for sustainability disclosures.
Declaration of support : 2022
Declaration of implementation of RE100 in 2023


InitiativesIt shows the initiatives in which it is participating, and includes the activities of SK D&D for each initiative.
K-RE100Declaration of implementation of RE100 in 2023
TCFDDeclaration of support TCFD, TCFD report publication (12. 2022)

Memberships in Associations

Memberships in Associations

Memberships in AssociationsIt shows the name of the association you joined.
Korea Data Center Association
Korea ESS Industry Development Association
ESS Ecosystem Promotion Council
Korea Wind Energy Industry Association
Fuel Cell Industry Development Council
Korea Fire Safety Association
Korea Power Exchange
Korea Proptech Forum