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Our ESG Approach

ESG Vision, Goals and Strategy

Organizational Profile

Organizational ProfileIt displays basic information such as SK D&D's organization name, main purpose business, headquarters location, and business area.
Organization nameKorean에스케이디앤디주식회사
EnglishSK D&D Co., Ltd
Main business
  1. 1.Real estate development and consulting business
  2. 2.Real estate sales and rental business
  3. 3.Electrical engineering
  4. 4.New and renewable energy (solar PV, solar thermal, wind, geothermal, biomass, fuel cell, etc.) power generation project
  5. 5.New and renewable energy generation business rights transfer businesses
  6. 6.Installation, operation, and sales of renewable energy facilities
  7. 7.Operation of power generation facilities and energy supply projects
  8. 8.Household goods (households, furniture, sanitary goods) Wholesale and retail business
  9. 9.Housing rental management business
Head officeEco Hub 332, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Business locationKorea

ESG Strategy

SK D&D has set three ESG management goals to operate in accordance with SK Group’s DBL (Double Bottom Line) initiative and pursue sustainability for stakeholders. Guided by the 6 top priorities defined below, we set and implement 12 improvement tasks aligned with the UN SDGs to do our part in resolving the global challenges that require the concerted efforts of the international community.

ESG Management System

ESG Governance

SK D&D has established and is operating the ESG Committee, a committee under the board of directors. Furthermore, we are promoting fundamental ESG management activities through the Sustainability Management Committee, an organization directly under the CEO. To strengthen ESG risk management centered on the board, the ESG Committee and the Board of Directors carry out review of ESG risks and opportunities and report and approval procedures for major issues. Also, we are carrying out review of ESG performance and discovery and execution of improvement projects through the Sustainability Management Committee. To reinforce the roles and responsibilities for ESG management, the regulations for the detailed roles of the ESG Committee have been reviewed, a corporate governance charter has been established, and the introduction of the Board Skills Matrix has been completed.

ESG Decision Making System

Reporting Boundary and Period

The scope of this report is for the business operations in Korea where SK D&D conducts business. Data on energy consumption, GHG emissions, waste, and water resources in the Environmental section of this report cover our Headquarters and the operations outside it, and our subsidiaries (on a consolidated basis).

Contact Info.

Contact department : SK D&D ESG Part Phone : 02-398-4700 E-mail : Website :