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Eco-friendly Energy Development and Generation

Our Approach to Eco-friendly Energy Development

SK D&D aims to expedite transition to cleaner energy and contribute to mitigating GHG emissions through the expansion of eco-friendly energy generation. In line with the accelerating energy transition, market restructuring towards clean energy, and the mounting importance of supply chain issues and energy security in the nation’s journey to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we will expand our business operations from conventional generation and management to power generation scale-up, solutions, and distribution markets to diversify our business structure.

Diversification of Business Structure

Eco-friendly Energy Growth

Solar Power Generation

Competitiveness of solar power generation business is increasing with more companies demanding for renewable energy generation sources due to reasons such as more companies joining RE100 and expansion of compulsory supply for RPS1). Accordingly, SK D&D will expand into power brokerage business including prediction of power generation and VPP business including not only energy generation but purchase and investment. We established a joint venture with Glenmont Partners, a clean energy infrastructure fund, in 2022, and are currently acquiring of a capacity of 80MW solar plant located in Korea. We plan to enter various power application markets in line with government policies by adding IT solutions to our expertise in eco-friendly energy generation and operation.

* PRS: Partial Re-liquefaction System

This is a commemorative photo of the signing ceremony for the establishment of a joint venture between SK D&D and Glemont Partners, a clean energy infrastructure fund, in November 2022.

Wind Power Generation

SK D&D is leading the development of both onshore and offshore wind power. As for onshore wind power, a total of 158MW is being developed and is operating, including the Gunwi Poongbaek Wind Power (75MW), which started construction in July 2022. If the Uiseong Hwanghak Mountain Wind Power (99MW) to start construction in 2023 is included, we will become Korea’s largest onshore wind power generation business. Also, we are promoting development of offshore wind power business, which is our major future renewable energy resource, in Incheon and Shinan. We are building strategic partnerships with leading companies both in Korea and abroad for successful expansion of the offshore wind power business which requires a long development period and large-scale capital.

This is a photo of a wind power plant located in Kashiri, Jeju Island. Ten wind farms are located in a large field.

Fuel Cell

SK D&D entered the fuel cell market with Cheongju Eco Park (20MW) with efficient eco-friendly development method in 2021, receiving great attention in the market. We have secured scheduled business rights for fuel cell power plant business rights with a capacity of roughly 200MW, including the industrial operation of Eumseong Eco Park (20MW) in the second half of 2022. We plan to strengthen our business competitiveness by establishing various business scales, such as small-scale fuel cells for win-win relationship with local communities, and we are also preparing new business models such as hydrogen fuel cells and fuel cells utilizing heat.

This is a view of Cheongju Eco Park, an eco-friendly and efficient fuel cell power generation facility.


We carry out ESS business to create synergies with eco-friendly energy businesses such as solar power, wind power, and fuel cells and to stabilize the power system. We operate an ESS facility a capacity of approximately 800MWh, secure stability with differentiated design structures, high performance facilities, and high-end firefighting systems, and increase profitability by applying value-up solutions based on real-time data analysis technology.

Green Energy Generated

Eco-friendly Energy Generation – Power Generation and GHG Reduction Effect

Eco-friendly Energy Generation – Power Generation and GHG Reduction EffectFrom 2018 to 2022, the amount of eco-friendly energy generation is divided into wind power, solar power, and fuel cells, and the total greenhouse gas reduction effect is presented in a table every year.
Wind powerMWh64,94278,44287,43976,32089,470
Solar powerMWh5,8405,7174,1914,1444,338
Fuel cellMWh---15,69559,492
Total power generationMWh70,78284,15891,63096,160153,300
Total GHG emissions mitigation effectstCO2 eq.32,93538,83142,37840,36855,951
  • * In case of eco-friendly energy plants invested by SK D&D, the investment ratio is applied to the total amount of power generation and reduction effect