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Green Building Development and Management

Sustainable Real-Estate Development

Directions for Real-Estate Development

In order to minimize impact on the environment during overall lifecycle of real-estate development of green buildings, we consider land use and convenience, ecology and indoor environment, energy and environmental pollution, ease of maintenance, use of raw materials and resources, and water resource management. We promote real estate development projects with the objective of obtaining green building certification for all commercial and residential buildings. We strive to acquire third-party certifications such as G-SEED certification and Building Energy Efficiency certification.

Directions for Sustainable Real-Estate Development

Green Building Development & Management System

Green Building Development

To respond to the growing consumer demand for green buildings and achieve sustainable development and advancement, we take an eco-friendly design approach to developing work and residential spaces. We consider the design with an environmental point of view and use green-certified materials when constructing our buildings as well as implementing a range of technologies to manage water circulation, conserve energy and resources, reduce the discharge of pollutants, and mitigate energy consumption and GHG emission from buildings. Also, we have included various eco-friendly factors in spaces operated by SK D&D as environmental management becomes a key factor in products and services used by customers. We will continue to promote our projects to enable third-party assurance for SK D&D’s development businesses and residential spaces. In addition, we will continue to mitigate environmental impact in operation stage to provide services enabling green GHG reduction activities led by our customers.

Green Building Certifications Awarded (cumulative)

Real Estate Development Eco-Friendly Certification

Real Estate Development Eco-Friendly CertificationBy 2022, the results of acquiring eco-friendly certification in the real estate development sector are presented by dividing them into green building certification, energy efficiency certification, and LEED.
Building energy efficiency22471

Process of Green Building Development

G-SEED Assessment Categories

Benefits of G-SEED-certified buildings

Green Remodeling

We are realizing environmental values by revitalizing cities through remodeling projects. We provide pleasant and healthy living environments by improving energy efficiency through enhancing insulation and facilities as well as the interior and exterior of deteriorated buildings. We plan to put more efforts into the green remodeling project in line with major policies for implementation of national carbon neutrality.

SK D&D Green Remodeling Promotion Plans and Expected Effects

Remodeling of Myeongdong N Building

The aging SK networks' mother 'Sunkyung Textile Co., Ltd.' has been remodeled into the Myeongdong N Building, which can blend in with the surrounding environment as well as improve the building's functionality.

SK D&D remodeled the old Myeongdong N Building of Sunkyung Textile Co., Ltd., the former body of SK Networks. The building was successfully remodeled into a prime office building in harmony with the surrounding environment through functional improvements as well as a design maintaining the sense of proportion of the existing building.

Overview of Remodeling of Myeongdong N Building

Overview of Remodeling of Myeongdong N BuildingThe remodeling performance of Myeongdong N Building is presented by location, size, floor area, and completion date.
Building nameLocationScopeLand areaCompletion
Myeongdong N Building (former SK Networks Building)Myeongdong, Jung-gu, SeoulB3-19F4,143 pyDecember, 2022

Remodeling Performance

Remodeling PerformanceSK D&D's remodeling performance is presented by dividing it into completion date, area, and overview. The renovation results carried out by SK D&D include Transport Square, Myeongdong Cheonghui Building, 31 Building, Myeongdong N Building, and Chungmu-ro Office, which is currently under development.
Susong SquareFebruary, 201715,235 pyRemodeling tailored to the customer through horizontal expansion and modernization
Myeongdong Cheonghui BuildingJune, 20191,782 pyDevelopment of hotel through remodeling complex building in the central commercial district of Myeongdong
31 BuildingOctober, 202012,353 pyRemodeling through preserving the historic value of and modernizing the existing building
Myeongdong N Building December, 20224,143 pyDevelopment of landmark in CBD area by remodeling the SK Networks building
Chungmuro Office(Under development)6,546 pyOffice development through layer remodeling and change of use at core CBD area

Urban Redevelopment Project

We carry out urban renewal projects to restore the urban functions in areas with poor maintenance infrastructure and high concentration of outdated buildings. We have developed a business hotel in the underdeveloped parts of Myeongdong area and a prime-class office near City-Hall Station according to the Basic Plan for Urban and Residential Environment, carrying out environmental improvements in the local community near Seoul Station. We are improving the quality of residential spaces and its environment for customer’s lifestyle in underdeveloped areas through various urban redevelopment projects.

Urban Redevelopment Project Performance

Urban Redevelopment Project PerformanceThe results of the urban improvement projects of Seosomun Office, Jeodong Business Hotel, and Seoul Station Office are presented by dividing them into completion date, area, and overview.
Seosomun OfficeJune, 201911,527 pyPrime-class office development as part of urban redevelopment project in underdeveloped areas near City Hall Station
Jeodong Business HotelAugust, 20206,552 pyBusiness hotel development as part of urban redevelopment project in underdeveloped areas of Myeongdong
Seoul Station Office(Under development)-Office development for community redevelopment underway according to 2030 Seoul Urban and Residential Redevelopment Project

Life Cycle Assessment of Episode

We have applied lifecycle evaluation to episode development and have proceeded with eco-friendly design considering all processes. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) refers to the method of evaluating the environmental impact of inputs and outputs in the entire development process. We are deriving and managing the results of characterization values such as global warming (GWP) for the impact of buildings on the environment from raw material collection to disposal.

Building Life Cycle

Episode Life Cycle Assessment on Environmental Impact

Episode Life Cycle Assessment on Environmental ImpactThe environmental impact assessment of the entire process of the episode is presented by dividing it into material production stage, construction stage, operation stage, and disposal stage.
CategoryTotalMaterial production stageConstruction stageOperation stageDisposal stage
Episode Sinchon 3691.67E+036.16E+022.67E+011.01E+038.38E+00
Episode Suyu 8382.33E+034.29E+025.62E+001.61E+032.82E+02
Episode Seocho 3931.93E+034.32E+025.66E+001.43E+036.49E+01
Episode Gangnam 2621.85E+033.93E+025.67E+001.27E+031.81E+02
  • Unit: tCO2eq. * Building lifetime is set at 50 years

Operation of Eco-Friendly Residential Space

Eco-Friendly Operation of Episode

The accelerating shift in consumer perceptions concerning the environment amid the global climate crisis underscores the importance of environmental performance of products and services. SK D&D manages residential and work spaces built with diverse eco-friendly considerations to respond to shifting customer needs and deliver further improved work/living space experience. Going forward, we will deliver services conducive to eco-friendliness and GHG emissions reduction on the part of our customers to mitigate our environmental impact in the building management and use phases.

Episode Operation Status

Episode Eco-Friendly Certification

Episode Eco-Friendly CertificationWe present the results of acquiring eco-friendly certification of episodes operating in Sinchon, Suyu, Seocho, Gangnam, and Seongsu.
Episode Sinchon 369G-SEED (Excellent)
Building Energy Efficiency Rating (1+)
Episode Suyu 838G-SEED (Excellent)
Building Energy Efficiency Rating (1+)
Episode Seocho 393G-SEED (Excellent)
Building Energy Efficiency Rating (1++)
Episode Gangnam 262G-SEED (Excellent)
Building Energy Efficiency Rating (1+)
Episode Seongsu 101Building Energy Efficiency Rating (1++)

Environmental Performance Management for Episode

We operate residential and work spaces reflecting eco-friendly factors in order to respond to changes in customer needs and provide a higher level of spatial experience. Furthermore, we develop improvement plans by collecting and managing environmental performance in accordance with waste, water resources, and GHG emissions generated by Episode buildings, establishing and promoting plans to reduce environmental impact tailored to the current situation of each Episode site. This enables us to actively promote environmental management at not only SK D&D’s business sites, but also across investment.

The environmental performance and management details of the episode are presented by dividing them into energy use, renewable energy power generation, and water resource use.
CategoryUnitEpisode Seongsu 101Episode Seongsu 121Episode Sinchon 369Episode Suyu 838Episode Seocho 393Episode Gangnam 262Guui Welltz
Energy consumptionMJ4,0194,6392,5478,4424,9354,0619,782
Renewable energy generationMWh--459268113177
Water resource useton5,0077,57823,56642,35323,29713,61544,044
  • * Water resources and energy consumption used by residents can be measured for individual household