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SK D&D is responding promptly to eco-friendly trends in real estate and green energy. We are striving for fundamental responses and changes to reduce not only GHG but waste, water resource and energy consumption. We are enhancing our execution of environmental management by identifying environmental impacts occurring within and outside of our business sites and linking environmental performance in each area of business with our key performance index(KPI). We are practicing environmental management in a systematic and active manner by declaring Net Zero in 2022, publishing the first TCFD report and acquiring environmental management system (ISO 14001) certification.

Environmental Management Promotion System

Environmental Management Policy

We promote environmental management by establishing environmental policies in line with our business direction in order to create a sustainable future where people, society, and the environment coexist. We are actively implementing environmental management under the responsibility of the CEO through our determination to protect the Earth and the environment, minimizing environmental impact through out the entire business operation process, managing environmental performance across all business sites, complying with environmental laws and responding to climate change.

Environmental Management Policy

SK D&D establishes and internalizes management infrastructure to minimize environmental risks while elevating environmental management performance to systematically manage environmental management activities, and strives to expand eco-friendly business.

  1. SK D&D proactively moves forward to tackle the climate crisis.
  2. SK D&D officially endorses and proactively applies international environmental declarations, standards and norms.
  3. SK D&D pursues continuous innovation across its entire business operations to provide eco-firendly products and services.
  4. SK D&D transparently discloses environmental management information to stakeholders in conformity with global standards.
  5. SK D&D strives to minimize any adverse environmental impacts that may stem from its business operations.
  6. SK D&D continuously advances its environmental management strategy and implementation system.
  7. SK D&D endeavors to abide by environmental laws and regulations and establish a culture of environmental management.

Environmental Management Governance

The ESG Committee is one of the committees under the board of directors, and are reviewing SK D&D’s environmental management plans, promotion strategies, implementation, and performance on a regular basis. The ESG part, a working-level promotion organization, establishes environment-related strategies and goals based on environmental information at each business area to promote systematic environmental management, reporting them to the board of directors through the Sustainability Management Committee, an internal promotion organization. Furthermore, we are striving to reduce our environmental impact through considering eco-friendly factors from the project promotion stage based on our company-wide Environmental Management policy.

Environmental Management Governance and Roles

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

We have acquired environmental management system (ISO 14001) certification in order to ensure reliability for company-wide environmental management. we have established environmental management goals as well as continuously improving them. We carry out company-wide environmental management activities through evaluating appropriateness and performance of environmental goals.

Environmental Performance Management

We systematically manage performance by attributing KPIs related to environmental performance improvement to the manager in charge of each business, operating them in linkage with rewards and incentives. We discover tasks to improve environmental performance, such as acquiring and maintaining eco-friendly certification in the real estate development sector and reducing global greenhouse gas emissions through generating and supplying new and renewable energy and reflect them in performance evaluation to effectively carry out this task.

Compliance with Environmental Laws

Management Policy in Compliance with Environmental Laws

In order to respond to the global climate change crisis and provide a sustainable space for customers, SK D&D makes environmental management one of the company’s management tasks and selects and implements key tasks. SK D&D aims to minimize the environmental impact in the entire building development process and to produce eco-friendly energy through the development of new and renewable energy. In this process, we intend to become an eco-friendly company by thoroughly complying with environmental laws and establishing an environmental management system that exceeds legal standards.

Non-compliance with Environmental Regulations

Non-compliance with Environmental RegulationsFrom 2020 to 2022, SK D&D's violation status of environmental laws and regulations is divided into the number of violations and fines according to violations, and there are no violations of laws and regulations.
Number of violations of environmental laws and regulationsNo. of cases---
Penalties imposed due to environmental regulatory non-complianceKRW million---
  • * No instance of regulatory non-compliance has occurred

Environmental Training

We provide environmental training to all our employees as a way to elevate our environmental management execution. The mySUNI training platform is utilized to operate environmental training programs that touch on the topics of Net Zero, hydrogen, circular economy, and renewable energy generation.

Performance of Environmental Training in 2022

mySUNI Environmental Training Curriculum


To respond to the global climate change crisis and provide sustainable spaces for our customers, SK D&D has made environmental management one of its company-wide management tasks and has selected and implemented key issues. SK D&D strives to minimize the environmental impact of the entire building development process and generate eco-friendly energy through renewable energy generation. Furthermore, in carrying out these activities, we strictly comply with environmental laws and regulations and establish an environmental management system that exceeds legal standards to become an eco-friendly company.