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Climate change has grown so detrimental as to threaten our economy and security. According to the IPCC, in order for us not to pass the ‘Tipping Point’ where there will be irreversible consequences from climate change, the rise in temperature should be limited to 1.5℃ or under. Global efforts are underway and Korea has also made the 2050 carbon neutrality declaration and enforced the Framework Act on Carbon Neutrality to transition to a low carbon economy.

SK D&D advances environmental management with an aim to reduce GHG emissions by expanding the supply of green buildings and the generation of renewable energy. In line with SK Group’s 2040 Net Zero initiative, we develop plans to identify and mitigate the environmental impact generated within and outside our operations. Furthermore, we align our environmental performance in respective business areas with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to elevate the execution of environmental management on the part of our employees. We also achieved the environmental management system certification (ISO 14001) to practice systematic environmental management.

Our Approach to Eco-friendly Energy Development

SK D&D aims to expedite the transition to cleaner energy and contribute to mitigating GHG emissions through the expansion of eco-friendly energy generation. In line with the accelerating energy transition, market restructuring towards clean energy, and the mounting importance of supply chain issues and energy security in the nation’s journey to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we will expand our business operations from conventional development and management to power generation scale.

SK D&D Environmental Policy

SK D&D establishes and internalizes management infrastructure to minimize environmental risks while elevating environmental management performance to systematically manage environmental management activities, and strives to expand eco-friendly business.

  1. SK D&D proactively moves forward to tackle the climate crisis.
  2. SK D&D officially endorses and proactively applies international environmental declarations, standards and norms.
  3. SK D&D pursues continuous innovation across its entire business operations to provide eco-firendly products and services.
  4. SK D&D transparently discloses environmental management information to stakeholders in conformity with global standards.
  5. SK D&D strives to minimize any adverse environmental impacts that may stem from its business operations.
  6. SK D&D continuously advances its environmental management strategy and implementation system.
  7. SK D&D endeavors to abide by environmental laws and regulations and establish a culture of environmental management.
Do-hyun Kim, CEO SK D&D
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Organization and Reporting System

SK D&D is building an environmental management organization at all levels. The ESG Part, as a dedicated department for environmental management, is responsible for developing a company-wide environmental roadmap and managing environmental performance in collaboration with working-level departments, and for conducting environmental operations through implementing environmental improvement tasks at working-level departments. Improvement tasks collected at the Environmental Strategy Committee are discussed to supplement our approach to environmental management, and major issues are reported to the Sustainability Management Committee as a higher-level organization to effectively advance environmental management.

Organization and Reporting System

Environmental Management Performance

SK D&D manages ESG-related items as part of the KPIs of top management to embed ESG management into its business operations. These ESG-related items include green certifications awarded for development properties and the expansion of renewable energy generation to effectively execute implementation tasks.

2021 C-Level KPI

‘21 ESG KPIs and Their Attainment

KPIAttainmentUnit2021 Goal2021 Achievement*2022 Goal
Renewable energy (generation)96%GWh170.3164.4330
G-SEED (certified)100%No. of cases997
  • * Generation at the wind power plant in Gasiri, Jeju-do, declined due to the output limitations imposed by Jeju-si.

Environmental Investment Performance

Environmental investmentsKRW million337Compiled since 2021

Compliance with Environmental Laws

Management Policy in Compliance with Environmental Laws

In order to respond to the global climate change crisis and provide a sustainable space for customers, SK D&D makes environmental management one of the company’s management tasks and selects and implements key tasks. SK D&D aims to minimize the environmental impact in the entire building development process and to produce eco-friendly energy through the development of new and renewable energy. In this process, we intend to become an eco-friendly company by thoroughly complying with environmental laws and establishing an environmental management system that exceeds legal standards.

Non-compliance with Environmental Regulations

CategoryUnitFY 2019FY 2020FY 2021
Penalties imposed due to environmental regulatory non-complianceKRW000
  • No instance of regulatory non-compliance has occurred.

Environmental Training

As a way to elevate our environmental management execution, we provide regular environmental training to all our employees. Leveraging the mySUNI training platform, we operate environmental training programs that touch on the topics of Net Zero, hydrogen, circular economy, and renewable energy generation.

mySUNI Environmental Training Curriculum

CategoryCurriculumNo. of courses
LiteracyShifting perceptions on the environment, knowledge required to fundamentally understand the relationship between the environment and Deep Change26
EnablerKnowledge required to understand the change factors of environmental topics3
DomainKnowledge required to bolster environmental capabilities in each domain to pursue Deep Change51
AdvancedGain latest information and expert knowledge on green business and technology and develop problem-solving capabilities5

Training Hours by Program



We have established the New / Renewable Energy Research Institute under the Energy Solutions Division and assigned R&D professionals to the institute. Researchers engage in sustained R&D on the selection of prime locations in relation to the solar power and wind power farms that we either own or develop and on the ways to improve the value of our ESS business.