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Businesses depend on society as the source of their very existence and generate profits through interacting with stakeholders. As businesses assume an essential role and acquire a public status through their growth and development, they encounter a variety of interests and an increasing need to embrace the tenets of corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is defined as businesses fulfilling their ethical and philanthropic responsibility as well as economic responsibility by generating profit within the legal boundary. Companies are required to take a more stringent legal responsibility internally and externally, as evidenced in the enactment of the Serious Accidents Punishment Act and the EU’s supply chain due diligence regulations, along with the growing needs for shared growth with stakeholders and win-win management. Furthermore, social values, such as work/life balance, growth, and diversity & inclusion, have gained greater importance to employees. At SK D&D, we vow to advance socially responsible management in consideration of health and safety, shared growth, and other varying stakeholder values in developing our business strategies and goals to achieve sustainable growth.

SKMS (SK Management System)

SK Group’s management system, was first established in 1979 and has since served as the foundation for all SK employees to stand united and aim higher based on the shared understanding of the essence of business management. To ‘bring sustainable happiness to employees’ which is the ultimate goal of SK management, SK D&D will follow VWBE* as its unique philosophy and methodology to pursue SUPEX**. Each and every SK member, with their backing of SK’s management philosophy and commitment to living by its precepts, helps inch us toward becoming a community where we continue to create happiness for members and stakeholders, growing hand-in-hand through the self-reinforcing cycle of employee happiness → VWBE culture → SUPEX Company.

* VWBM : Voluntarily, Willingly Brain Engagement

** SUPEX : Super Excellent Level, highest level humanly possible

SKMS Stakeholders

Management Philosophy - Sustainable Happiness of SK People
  • Earn customers’ trust by offering and satisfying them with a variety of values and ultimately develop together with our customers.
  • Build a fair and competitive business ecosystem with our business partners, and achieve mutual development through cooperation based on this ecosystem.
  • Raise the company’s value by continuously creating shareholder value.
  • Grow together with our society while making various contributions such as environmental protection, job creation, improvement in the quality of life, and the support of local communities.
  • SK will make consistent efforts to keep the happiness of our stakeholders in harmonious balance and at the same time consider their present and future happiness in order to ensure the longevity of the stakeholders.

DBL(Double Bottom Line) Management

SK’s DBL (Double Bottom Line) embodies its commitment to pursue economic value and social value equally throughout the entirety of its business operations. In this context, social value refers to the value we create as a company for the happiness of our stakeholders, and we intend to bring the greatest-possible happiness to every member of society based on the trust of our stakeholders. SK follows the DBL initiative at the group-wide level to innovate its business model and create social value in so doing.